Friday, November 29, 2013

美術文化、広報者各位 ニュースリリース 2013年12月吉日 PRESS RELEASE


WHAT: Contemporary Art Exhibition (incl. Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Installation, Video, Mixed Media, Performance Art, Illustration)

WHO: 70 Artists from NORTH AMERICA (Canada, U.S.A.), WESTERN EUROPE (France, Spain, The Neherlands), NORTH-EAST ASIA (Mongolia, Japan), EAST AFRICA (Tanzania) and OCEANIA (New Zealand).

WHEN: TUESDAY JANUARY 28th to SUNDAY FEBRUARY 2nd, 2014 Tuesday to Saturday exhibition opens from 11am to 7pm, Sunday from 11am to 3pm

LOCATION: Enokojima Art, Culture and Creative Center, Osaka  ( ) First floor gallery and fourth floor galleries.

ABSTRACT: TRANSNATIONAL ART 2014 is the sixth instalment of this exciting non-commercial annual international exchange group exhibition. In 2014 the exhibition will be held at the brand new Enokojima Art, Culture and Creative Center, Osaka Prefecture; which replaces the Osaka Prefecture Contemporary Art Center, the previous home gallery of this show.

TRANSNATIONAL ART is curated by SoHo Art Gallery’s Celio Barreto (Canada) and Yachiyo Nakao (Japan). Since its inception in 2009 its purpose is to bring to the forefront works and artists form various cultural and national backgrounds active in Japan and around the world, revealing the increasingly global nature of Osaka ’s art scene through a curated exhibition.

TRANSNATIONAL ART fosters the development of good relationships between member artists and introduces participating members to a vast network of peers, art lovers and art industry professionals.

TRANSNATIONAL ART is living proof of the richness of Osaka as an emerging international art hub with excellent artists; and of the growing possibilities and opportunities for artists in the city.

As the only exhibition of its kind in Osaka, TRANSNATIONAL ART is a focused collaborative effort between Japanese and foreign curators, gallery directors and artists as well as private industry and public institutions and serves as a professional vehicle for artist development and promotion.